Cannes to Club 55 all inclusive boat rental packages (2024)

Seeking a boat rental from Cannes to the iconic Club 55 in Saint-Tropez?

Explore our 2024 all-inclusive boat rental packages, complete with an experienced captain. Discover the unparalleled benefits of a hassle-free, all-inclusive boat charter experience along the French Riviera.

2024 Cannes Saint-Tropez all inclusive boat rental options

Our Cannes to Saint-Tropez Club 55 boat transfers include:

  • a 7-hour yacht rental with a qualified crew.
  • French VAT at 20%.
  • Fuel for a round-trip journey from Cannes Port Canto to the Pampelonne area.
  • A €60 boarding fee from Port Canto.
  • Soft drinks, 1 bottle of rosé Minuty.
  • Towels.
VanDutch boat rental from Cannes
VanDutch 40 – 10 guests maximum

Beneteau MC42 – 9 guests maximum
Frauscher 45
Frauscher 45 – 10 guests maximum
Solaris boat rental near Cannes
NEW Solaris 44 – 11 guests maximum

Princess 54 Fly – 11 guests maximum
Luxury boat rental near Cannes on new Okean 55
NEW Okean 55 – 10 guests maximum

Princess V65 – 10 guest maximum
Couach 22m yacht rental
Couach 72 Fly – 12 guests
* : Price based on June 2024 fuel price, subject to adjustment.

VanDutch 40

This stylish day boat offers a comfortable and romantic escape on the water. Features include a reclining sunbed, shaded cockpit with fridge and sound system, and fuel-efficient cruising.

Suitable for:

  • Couples seeking a romantic getaway
  • Cannes to Saint-Tropez boat tour
  • Those who want privacy and an intimate experience with a discreet professional skipper.

Why this boat rental stands out

  • Competitive pricing: your private Cannes Saint-Tropez boat trip at less than €3,500.
  • Perfect condition: new upholstery, well maintained.

VanDutch 40 specifications

  • Length: 12.48 meters (40.94 feet)
  • Year Built: 2013 (newly upholstered)
  • Cruising Speed: approximately 20 knots
  • Fuel Consumption: 115 liters per hour (at cruising speed)
  • Location: based near Cannes

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Beneteau MC42

This classic French day boat comes with a shaded cockpit with fridge and sound system, two sunpads, and fuel-efficient cruising.

Ideal for:

  • Family boat charter on a budget
  • Last-minute Cannes to Saint-Tropez boat trip
  • French Riviera boat transfer

Why is this boat rental special?

  • Low fuel consumption: enjoy a family boat trip without breaking the bank.
  • Good condition: well maintained by professional skipper.
  • Competitive pricing: your private Cannes Saint-Tropez boat tour at less than €3,500.

Beneteau MC42 specifications

  • Length: 13.7 meters (42 feet)
  • Year Built: 2012 – 2017
  • Cruising Speed: approximately 20 knots
  • Fuel Consumption: 115 liters per hour (at cruising speed)
  • Location: based near Cannes

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Frauscher Daemon 45

If you want to hire one of the most stylish Mediterranean dayboats, the Frauscher Daemon is for you.

Appropriate for:

  • For those who love great boat design and want a stylish day boat
  • Cannes to Saint-Tropez and Ramatuelle boat tour
  • French Riviera boat transfer

What makes this boat rental unique

  • Experience: rent the only Frauscher 45 available for day charter in Cannes
  • Fuel efficient engines: good cruising speed above 20 knots, moderate fuel consumption
  • Spacious layout: settee with 2 tables, sun awnings, 3 sunbeds, wetbar.

Frauscher Daemon specifications

  • Length: 13.9 meters (45.7 feet)
  • Year Built: 2021
  • Cruising Speed: approximately 24 knots
  • Fuel Consumption: 120 liters per hour (at cruising speed)
  • Location: based near Cannes

Solaris 44 Power

The Solaris Power 44 Open is an Italian-designed luxury day boat that has been likened to a “floating Bentley.”

Its sleek lines, refined finishes, and focus on fuel efficiency make it a compelling choice for those seeking a stylish and comfortable vessel for Mediterranean cruising.

Suitable for:

  • Luxury day charter between Cannes and Saint-Tropez
  • Those seeking a stylish, 2024 Italian-beast at an affordable price.

Why we highly recommend this boat rental

  • Brand new day boat: built 2024 with all options.
  • Comfort: its IPS propulsion system contributes to a quiet boating experience.
  • Space: large hi-lo swi platform, foldable balconies, two sunbeds + forward settee

Solaris 44 specifications

  • Length: 13.47 meters (44 feet)
  • Year Built: 2024
  • Cruising Speed: approximately 22 knots
  • Top speed: 37 knots
  • Fuel Consumption: 115 liters per hour (at cruising speed)
  • Location: based near Cannes

Princess 54 Fly

The Princess 54 motor yacht features a shaded flybridge with a sunbed and wet bar, ideal for enjoying panoramic views while cruising.

Includes 2 paddleboards, a Sea Blue mini-scooter, snorkeling gear, and an icemaker.

Ideal for:

  • Families and groups looking for water activities
  • Those seeking a comfortable and stylish flybridge yacht to explore the Riviera.

Top reasons to rent this yacht

  • Comfort, space, and efficient cruising experience
  • Amenities: icemaker, paddleboards, Sea Blue
  • Very good condition (new exterior upholstery)
  • Competitive pricing for a 50+ flying bridge yacht

Princess 54 Fly specifications

  • Length: 16.45 meters (54 feet)
  • Year Built/Refit: 2009/2019
  • Cruising Speed: 20 knots (approx.)
  • Fuel Consumption: 220 liters/hour (cruising speed)
  • Capacity: up to 11 guests + skipper
  • Location: Juan les Pins

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Okean 55

This innovative yacht boasts a unique design, advanced stabilization technology for comfort at sea, and eco-conscious features for a reduced environmental footprint.

Suitable for:

  • Luxury day charter to Monaco or Saint-Tropez.

What makes the Okean 55 the right choice

  • Expansive deck with folding balconies for 20% more space
  • 2 sunbeds, coolbox, sun awning
  • Hi-lo swim platform for easy water access
  • Gyro-stabilizer for comfort underway and at anchor

Okean 55 specifications

  • Length: 16.75 meters (55ft)
  • Year Built: 2022
  • Cruising Speed: 22 knots (approx.)
  • Fuel Consumption: 185 liters per hour (cruising speed)
  • Capacity: 10 guests + 2 crew
  • Location: Based in Cannes

Princess V65

This refitted British sport yacht offers exceptional comfort thanks to a proven hull design and superb layout featuring no less than three sunbeds, and a large shaded deck salon.

Recommended for:

  • Luxury day charter between Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez
  • Large group looking for a last-minute charter

The advantages of choosing this boat rental

  • Experienced crew: same captain for 10 years, crew of 2.
  • Fun: two paddleboards, snorkeling gear, floating foam
  • Competitive pricing: rare all inclusive package for a large yacht

Princess V65 specifications

  • Length: 20.33 meters (66.7 feet)
  • Year Built: 2003-2020
  • Cruising Speed: approximately 23 knots
  • Fuel Consumption: 350 liters per hour (at cruising speed)
  • Location: based near Cannes

Couach 2200 Fly

This recently refitted Couach 2200 motor yacht is perfect for families and groups seeking a comfortable and active day on the water.

  • Two large sunbeds
  • Shaded flybridge with dining area and wet bar
  • Two paddleboards, Sea Blue mini scooter
  • Seabob F5S (option €350 for the day)
  • Snorkeling gear

Recommended for:

  • Families with children
  • Groups of friends

Top reasons to rent this yacht

  • Friendly crew experienced with children
  • Excellent value for the size and amenities
  • Tip top condition, value for money
  • Last-minute booking option
  • Safety-conscious approach to water activities

Couach 2200 Fly specifications

  • Length: 22.35 meters (72 feet)
  • Year Built/Refit: 2009/2019
  • Cruising Speed: 20 knots (approx.)
  • Fuel Consumption: 300 liters/hour (cruising speed)
  • Capacity: up to 12 guests + crew
  • Location: Cannes

Why choose Club 55 for your beach club experience?

Club 55 is a top choice for a beach club experience in Saint-Tropez, blending rich history, understated luxury, and a commitment to authenticity.

Key highlights:

Authenticity & Heritage: established in 1955, Club 55 evolved from a modest wooden cabin into a renowned beach club, giving it unique charm and history.

Star-Studded Allure: celebrities like Kate Moss and Leonardo DiCaprio frequently visit, adding to the club’s exclusive and alluring atmosphere.

Understated Luxury: emphasizing simplicity and elegance, Club 55 stands out from more ostentatious and flashy beach clubs, creating a relaxed and genuine ambiance.

Unspoiled Natural Setting: respecting the natural beauty of Pampelonne beach, Club 55 offers an immersive seaside experience with sunbeds placed directly on the sand.

Club 55 in Pampelonne is a perennial favorite among our discerning clientele.

Culinary Delights: the club features simple yet high-quality Provençal cuisine, focusing on organic wines and locally sourced ingredients for an authentic culinary experience.

Did you know?

Looking for a casual beachfront dining experience in a lively atmosphere?

Club 55 comes with a seaside snack, offering fresh salads and Mediterranean specialities bursting with local flavor, paired perfectly with refreshing local beers.

CLub 55

Customer yacht rental testimonial

I found Charterminute in Google and as soon as I contacted them I got the answers I needed. Remi and his team are amazing, no doubts the have many options and they will advice always on your best interest.

I got the best experience exploring the French Riviera on the Couach 2200 , the crew was amazing as well, special thanks to them: Olivia and Cap. Benoit!

They made us feel in 5 star hotel, besides this Yacht is quite confortable.
– Ricardo. V. – Dominican Republic – 2024 – Google Review

Read further reviews on Tripadvisor or Google Review.

Popular French Riviera hotspots between Cannes and Saint-Tropez

Ile d'Or near Saint-Raphael
Ile d’Or near Saint-Raphael

Discover these must-visit locations:

  • Esterel Coast: Cruise along this dramatic coastline, exploring its secluded coves and rocky inlets.
  • Ile d’Or: This enchanting island, crowned by a tower, offers a tranquil escape for a glorious swim while cruising towards Saint-Tropez.
  • Bay of Agay: Nestled in a sheltered bay, discover crystal-clear waters and the pristine Les Baumettes beach.
  • Pampelonne Beach: Experience the legendary glamour of the south of France at this iconic 4.5 km stretch of sand, home to renowned beach clubs such as Club 55.
  • La Bastide Blanche: Unwind in the unspoiled beauty of this coastal paradise, boasting crystal-clear waters and fine sandy beaches.
Explore unspoiled nature at la Bastide Blanche
La Bastide Blanche near Ramatuelle

Booking process

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  • What are the benefits of all-inclusive boat rentals?
    All-inclusive boat rental packages offer several key advantages for clients:
    Convenience and stress-free experience: everything is taken care of allowing you to fully relax and enjoy your boat trip with your guests without worrying about logistics and fuel cost.Transparency is key.
    Professional crew: you benefit from the expertise of a skilled Captain 200 licenced skipper and the advice of a professional charter broker with 15 year of experience.
    Customized program: all-inclusive charters offer some flexibility in departure times, allowing you to personalize your trip and explore at your own pace.
  • What’s not included?
    Gratuity: a customary tip for the skipper is appreciated.
    Tender service fee: a nominal fee may be charged by the restaurant’s tender service.
  • How long does a day charter last?
    A typical day charter lasts approximately 7 hours.
  • How long does it take to get from Cannes to Pampelonne Club 55?
    At 20 knots, it takes up to 1h30 from Cannes Port Canto.
  • Do I need a boating license or prior experience to charter a boat?
    No, you don’t need any previous charter experience or a license.
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
    We understand that weather can be unpredictable, so we’ve designed our policy to prioritize your peace of mind and safety.
    Cancellation and Refund policy:
    Severe Weather: In the event of heavy rain or winds above Force 4 Beaufort on your charter day, the rental will be canceled and you’ll receive a full refund, minus any non-refundable expenses incurred on your behalf (such as food, drinks, restaurant bookings, or water toys).
    Mild Weather: If the weather is cloudy, lightly windy, or there is occasional rain, the charter will proceed as planned.
  • How much is fuel for yachts on the French Riviera in 2024?
    The average price of diesel for yachts is €2/2.2 per liter including VAT, TICPE, and port taxes.
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?
    You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks, and we’ll gladly store them in one of the two refrigerators on board at no extra charge.
  • What should I pack for my day charter?
    Bring sunglasses, a swimsuit, cash (for possible tender transfers in Saint-Tropez and tips for the crew), a copy of your passport, a hat and sunscreen. We recommend leaving valuables at home in a safe place.
  • Are your skippers certified professionals?
    Yes, all of our skippers hold a minimum of a Captain 200 license.
  • Can I bring my dog on a boat rental?
    Pets are often not allowed due to seasickness risks and owners’ preferences. If you’d like to bring your dog, please inquire about pet-friendly boat hire options.


The information provided on our website, including yacht details and pricing, is presented in good faith and is believed to be accurate at the time of display. However, this information is not contractual and is subject to change without notice.

Charterminute does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information or images presented, and disclaims any liability for errors or omissions.

To confirm yacht specifications, availability, and final pricing for your desired dates, please contact your preferred charter broker. Starting prices listed are typically for a one-day charter in the specified currency, unless otherwise noted.

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