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Take your Cannes event to the next level

Cannes, freshly refurbished, has solidified its reputation in 2023 as a prime destination for successful business events. According to Forbes, Cannes is France’s second-largest trade show hub, making it ideal for corporate yacht rentals.

Opting for a corporate yacht rental during major events like the MIPIM, or the TFWA can significantly elevate your brand’s visibility, and offer an unparalleled networking platform.

Discover our solutions for your next event and make the difference by choosing luxury and exclusivity.

Exploring Cannes corporate yacht charters

Cannes yacht party

Experience the luxury of a yacht charter with our exclusive motor yachts, ranging from 20 to 60 meters.

To guarantee a flawless and memorable experience, you can count on an attentive crew to cater to your guests’ needs, and handle every detail with unparalleled expertise.

These vessels provide opulent interiors and spacious decks, ideal for hosting meetings and conferences, yacht parties, and networking with prospects and clients.

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Popular yacht charter options

Choosing the right yacht type

Choosing the perfect Cannes corporate yacht charter is crucial for the success of your event.

To make an informed decision, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each yacht type available.

Recent motor yachtAdvantages:
Multi-deck platform with plenty of space for seminars and meetings
Ability to host a large event on board, such as a yacht party or cocktail party
Luxurious interior, highest comfort
Good connectivity and AV equipment
High level of service
Overall budget
Lack of a berth for a yacht over 50 m. in Cannes
Classic motor yacht Advantages:
Twin-deck platform with space for conferences
Ability to host an event on board, such as a cocktail party
Warm wooden interior
High level of service
Affordable yacht hire option
Less space available, potentially less natural light in cabins
Sport yachtAdvantages:
Large open-deck salon for client entertainment
Ability to host an event on board, such as a cocktail party
Trendy décor
Choice and good availability
High level of service
Less space available
Less flexibility in the layout

Expert tip to optimize your corporate charter

Are you interested in maximizing your return on investment for your French Riviera event?

Consider opting for refitted classic or vintage yachts, which are not only competitive but come with experienced crews skilled in managing large groups and special events.
Additionally, these vessels offer ample branding opportunities. Often, a well-executed branding strategy can be more impactful thanchoosing the largest or most flashy yacht.

Benefits of Cannes corporate yacht rentals

Chartering a yacht for a Cannes event offers several distinct advantages, including:

Luxury corporate yacht hospitality

Chartering a yacht offers a practical alternative to securing a hotel, especially since Cannes hotels tend to fill up quickly during events.

Exclusive platform

A yacht is an impressive and captivating venue for hosting evening events, parties, and dinner cruises on the Côte d’Azur.

Prime location

By chartering a yacht, you secure front-row seats to the action, especially if you obtain a berth next to the prestigious Palais des Festivals.

Enhanced brand exposure

Customized décor and branding on a chartered yacht maximize your company’s visibility and impact.

Productive and inspiring meetings

Business yacht charters foster an environment conducive to productive and creative seminars or conferences, making clients feel valued and top employees genuinely rewarded.

Planning a successful Cannes corporate yacht charter

Finding the best yacht solution for your event in Cannes can seem daunting, but it can be a breeze with the right approach. This approach ensures you’ll select a venue that is not only unique but also tailored to meet the specific needs of your corporate gathering.

Start by determining the following:

Estimate the size of your group
  • How many people are you going to accommodate on board?
  • Which cabin layout do you require?
  • Are you going to have a big party on the yacht or a cocktail event?
  • Consider the maximum guests’ number.

Number of guests

Most charter vessels have the capacity to accommodate numbers exceeding their cruising limitations.
Typically, charter vessels can readily host 25-30 guests for cocktail events, with many capable of simultaneously welcoming 60 or 80 guests for charter at quay.
Define your main objective
  • Connect and entertain new prospects
  • Celebrate a significant company milestone
  • Launch a new product
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Announce a partnership
  • Reward your top performers and hardworking employees
Determine the desired amenities
  • Do you need a spacious meeting space?
  • Do you require a large-screen TV for presentations?
  • What level of service do you expect?
  • Do the crew speak your language?
  • Are there any special security or privacy measures needed?

Here are some additional suggestions to improve your presence and enhance the experience for your guests:

LogisticTransportation service (transfer by van from the airport, taxi boat to the Lerins Islands and Saint-Tropez beach clubs)
Additional luggage storage, Sat communication
MarketingCustomized branded décor to elevate your brand’s image (food & beverage branding, signage throughout the vessel, fly logo flag…), photo booth, professional video and photography service
EntertainmentDJ, and event lighting to create the perfect mood
Dancers, flair bartenders, caricature artist, magician, custom shore excursion: from private group tour to VIP experience…
SecurityBodyguard service
CateringService staff, catering for cocktail parties

Expert advice for planning your corporate yacht party

  • Look for yachts that perfectly balance comfort, luxury, and functionality.
  • Choose a yacht that reflects your values and mission.
  • Find information about the crew’s expertise and previous experience in similar events.
  • Read the official guidelines from the port authorities to optimize your presence in Cannes and avoid mistakes.
  • Seek guidance from industry experts.
  • Book early: it is essential to book 6/8 months in advance for major events like Cannes Lions to ensure that you get the yacht you want.
  • Collaborate with a local and independent charter broker to match your expectations and requirements with the perfect yacht and crew.
  • Always read the charter contract, and ensure you understand the cancellation policy, what’s included, and what’s not.
  • Enhance your static charter experience by combining it with corporate trips to the Lerins Islands, Monaco, or Saint-Tropez.

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Corporate day charters

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Corporate yacht rental price

Here is a typical price range table for your Cannes corporate venue:

Super yacht (150+ ft)from €150,000 + expenses**
Recent motor yacht (100 ft)from €75,000 + expenses**
Classic motor yacht (100 ft)from €55,000 + expenses**
Sport yachtfrom €60,000 + expenses**
*: Weekly rate divided by 6 x days under MYBA terms. Included: yacht rental with crew and all equipment.
**: VAT at 20 %, berth fee, food, beverages, carpet protection, extra services/equipment

Here is the typical cost structure detail for a corporate event such as the MIPIM, or the TFWA:

  • Yacht charter fee, including VAT at 20% (60 % of the charter cost)
  • Cost of the berth
  • Wastewater services
  • Yacht protection: carpet to protect the teak deck/interior
  • Food and beverages for the guests based on the preference sheet
  • Cannes authorities administrative fee (eur 100)

Extras amenities and services such as:

  • Security service
  • Bespoke decor
  • Branded tent (quay and/or sundeck)
  • Extra furniture for the event
  • Marketing material
  • Extra staff for special events
  • Extra food and beverages for a cocktail party
  • Tip for the crew: 10% of the gross charter fee

Safety tips for corporate travelers

Safety should be paramount when visiting the Côte d’Azur, as with any travel destination.

Here are some essential guidelines to help you maintain a secure environment while exploring the city:

  1. Vigilant belonging management: given the prevalence of pickpocketing in tourist areas (especially the Cannes Carre d’Or area),
    Always keeping your belongings close to you is crucial: opt for a crossbody bag”.
    Leave your valuables at home” is one of travel experts’ most widely asserted tips.
  2. Don’t bring large sums of cash.
  3. Use the yacht’s safe: please secure your valuables, including your GoPro, jewelry, cash, and passport, in the safe provided in your
    yacht cabin. It’s important to note that, like hotel staff, crew members can assist you if you are locked out of the safe.
  4. Copy of your ID: when embarking on a journey, you must ensure safe travels and safeguard your identity. One crucial aspect is
    having a copy of your ID.
  5. Official transportation usage: for your transportation needs within Cannes, it is advisable to rely exclusively on official options like
    licensed taxis or recognized bus services.
    Avoid unmarked or unlicensed vehicles, as they may compromise safety and reliability.
  6. Situational awareness: stay attuned to your surroundings, diligently observing any signs of suspicious behavior or potentially risky
  7. Nighttime safety: if your plans take you out after dark, prioritize well-lit and densely populated areas. Steer clear of dark or isolated
    locations, as they can pose security risks.
  8. Respect local regulations and traditions: respect for the local laws and cultural customs of Cannes is essential.
    Dress appropriately when visiting religious sites and strictly refrain from involvement in illegal activities.

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250-guest dockside yacht party

The ultimate corporate yacht party platform for your one-day static charter: DJ, catering, entertainment, security, custom décor.

Client success story

DMG Media is an international multi-channel media company. Since the Daily Mail was first published in the closing stages of the 19th
century, its brands (DailyMail, Metro, MailOnline) have been pioneers of popular journalism.


DMG Media wanted to create a luxury and experiential reward program to generate more engagement and drive loyalty with their most
valued clients. They opted for a 100ft+ one-week yacht charter that offered:

  • Luxury accommodation for 8/9 guests in 5 cabins.
  • Unique entertainment platform: daily trips to Monaco and Club 55 St-Tropez area with a selection of 18/25 guests were required, and large & informal relaxing spaces allowed socializing with each other outside of business hours.
  • Hospitality: gourmet food was prepared daily by the Chef with local products.

We selected a vintage 100ft motor yacht allowing to enhance to company presence:

  • Complete yacht rebranding with logo bar, bespoke furniture, and marketing bespoke materials.
  • Staff meeting with AV presentation in the main salon
  • VIP clients entertainment:
  • Daily trip from Cannes to Monaco and the St Tropez area with 18/25 VIP guests.
  • Aperitifs at anchor between the Lerins islands near Cannes
  • Energetic water games with various activities: kayak, jet ski with monitor, paddleboard, etc.
  • Live DJ on board the yacht

This long-standing client (Cannes Lions 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018) described the event as a great success as it achieved its objectives, including many constructive customer meetings and increased staff motivation.

Corporate charter review

Learn why our clients highly regard our tailored event yacht charters.

” Thank you for a wonderful experience. The food and yacht accommodation were spectacular and the service was first class. We will definitely consider booking many more corporate events in Cannes with Charterminute in the future. “

Laurent D. – MIPCOM – Director, France, 2019

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Cannes corporate yacht rental FAQs

Guide to making the most of your French Riviera event.

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