The best time for yacht charter experiences in the French Riviera and Corsica

In the world of luxury yacht charters, timing can make all the difference between a good experience and an unforgettable one.

As experienced French Riviera yacht charter brokers, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect time for your yacht charter vacation.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the ideal seasons and months for exploring the stunning waters of the French Riviera and Corsica.

Best time for a yacht charter holiday: summer season

The high season (form June to end of September) for yacht chartering often aligns with the peak tourist season in most places, making it an appealing choice for those seeking the ultimate yachting experience.

During this time, you can expect optimal weather conditions, bustling waters, vibrant nightlife, and even exquisite culinary experiences. It’s the time when the yachting world comes alive with energy.

Advantage of high season yacht charter

Summer family charter vacation on a large sailing catamaran is growing in popularity
Summer family charter vacation on a large sailing catamaran is growing in popularity.
  1. Optimal weather and conditions: The high season usually offers the best weather (sunny weather, light winds and pleasant temperatures) and optimal charter conditions, making it ideal for a luxurious and enjoyable yachting experience.
  2. Vibrant atmosphere: The high season is characterized by bustling waters, vibrant nightlife and events, providing a lively and exciting atmosphere along with all the amenities available such as local restaurants, water toys and activities.
  3. Availability of yachts: Due to the high demand, there is a wide selection of yachts available for charter during the high season…as long as you book your yacht charter at least one month in advance.
  4. All-Inclusive Options: In some regions, high season charters may be offered as “all-inclusive” options that include various expenses such as food, beverages, and mooring fees. This is especially true for sailing yacht charters in the Caribbean.

Disadvantage of high season yacht charter

  1. Higher costs: Yacht charter rates are at their highest during the high season, leading to increased costs for chartering a yacht. However, if you have some flexibility, we recommend you check out our special offers and last minute charter deals on our new portal at
  2. Limited availability for Certain Yachts: The high demand during the high season can lead to limited availability, especially for superyacht charters, making it challenging to secure quality bookings.
  3. Service: Constant chartering during the high season can lead to increased wear and tear on the yacht and a less motivated, hardworking crew.

A professional charter broker will provide you with a detailed breakdown of these expenses, helping you anticipate and plan accordingly.

Shoulder season: the perfect balance?

Situated between the high and low seasons, the shoulder season (May and June, September and October) often combines decent weather with reduced rates. It’s a smart choice for those looking to avoid peak-season crowds without compromising too much on weather quality.

Advantages of shoulder seasonn charter

  1. Balanced weather and reduced rates: The shoulder season provides a balance of relatively good weather and reduced charter rates, making it an attractive compromise for those who want to avoid the peak season crowd on the Frenhc Riviera without compromising too much on weather quality and activities.
  2. Quieter anchorages and reduced crowds: The low season offers the potential for fewer crowds, quieter anchorages in the popular hotspots of the Riviera such as Saint-Tropez or Cannes, and a more peaceful experience compared to the high season.
May and June are less crowded than July and August on the French Riviera and Corisca.
May and June are less crowded than July and August on the French Riviera and Corisca.

Disadvantages of shoulder season:

  1. Lower yacht availability: Some popular charter vessels may have limited availability in the off-season due to owner use or maintenance schedules, requiring early planning and flexibility in yacht selection.
  2. Weather variability: While the weather is generally decent during the shoulder season, it may be less predictable compared to the high season, potentially impacting the overall yachting experience.
    Plan your yacht charter itinerary and activities accordingly.

Low season: only for day charters

Conversely, the low season (from end of October to April) corresponds to the off-peak tourist season when the weather might be less favorable. However, it offers tranquility, a serene atmosphere, and more affordable charter rates, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful escape.

It’s important to note that we do not recommend Mediterranean yacht charters, such as those in France, Italy or Greece, during the low season due to the often windy and rainy weather, as well as the closure of most amenities.

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Yacht charter seasons across the globe

Yacht charter seasons vary across the globe, offering different experiences throughout the year. The typical seasons are as follows:

Summer season

Typically ranges from mid-May to mid-October. predominant locations include the West and East Mediterranean areas, Northern Europe, and the South Pacific.

Winter season

Typically ranges from late November to April, with the Caribbean being a popular destination during this time, especially for American clients. It’s important to note that the Mediterranean is not recommended for winter charters due to inclement weather.

Year-round charter

Some regions, such as the Bahamas, French Antilles and Florida, offer year-round family yacht charter opportunities, although the weather may be more rainy or windy.

    Tips for planning your next yacht charter

    Planning your yachting trip during the yacht season requires careful consideration. Here are some charter broker tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable yacht rental adventure:

    1. Do your homework: To ensure a seamless experience, familiarize yourself with the common weather conditions, available cultural festivals and activities at your chosen destination.. This proactive approach will enable you to anticipate and prepare for your trip effectively.
    2. Book in Advance: Popular yachts and destinations get booked quickly, especially during the high season. Early booking ensures you get the yacht of your choice and can help you secure good deals.
    3. Take your budget into account: Opting for the off-peak or shoulder seasons, which often come with more affordable rates and potential discounts, could be a wiser choice than the high season with its premium prices. Browse our new website to find last minute deals and special offers on
    4. Secure your ideal yacht and destination by booking in advance: Demand for sought-after yachts and destinations tends to surge, particularly during peak seasons. Opting for early booking not only guarantees your preferred yacht but also opens doors to potential cost-saving opportunities.

    Disclaimer: It is important to note that this information is indicative and may vary based on specific points of interest, features and charter duration.

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